Message Board

Hey everyone, I have created this page in order to help people and because of the amazing feedback I receive I decided to make this message board and post the messages that make my day and inspire me to continue this blog.

Emma xoxo

Messages ~

I love this blog, Emma’s advice and support really helps me get through the hardest times and she helps me to understand my anxiety and control it, rather than trying to avoid it. Thank you Emma, I’ll never forget the help you give me.


I loved this weeks post, it made me want to share my anxiety story too and maybe one day I will! Thank you for your infinite support. I love the way that you don’t let anxiety define you and you continue to try new things and face the day as it comes, thank you so much Emma, you’re an inspiration to everyone.


I totally agree with the ‘Always be Yourself’ post, I think nobody should be afraid to be themselves and your idea of people been stuck between two personalities was so true, thanks for helping me before I became someone else. I appreciate it.